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    gen 103 final assignment

    1. Find two appropriate non-scholarly sources using a search engine such as Google or Bing.

    2. Create APA references for the non-scholarly sources.

    3. Write annotations for the two non-scholarly sources.

    4. Include references and annotations for the sources from Week 3.

    5. Develop a thesis statement based on your research question.

    Find Two Appropriate Non-Scholarly Sources Using a Search Engine such as Google or Bing

    Locate the search terms you developed in Week 3. Use them and a search engine (like Google or Bing) to find two non-scholarly sources that address your research question. In order to be appropriate, these sources must pass the CRAAP test.

    The non-scholarly source may be any of these types of sources:

    • A newspaper or magazine article (not an editorial).
    • An article from a professional organization website or trade journal (e.g., science, medical, etc.).
    • An article or report from a .gov website.
    • A blog post written by an expert on the topic.

    The non-scholarly source may not be

    • A book or book chapter.
    • A scholarly article.
    • A reference source (e.g., encyclopedia, almanac, dictionary).

    Be sure to copy and record the URL (web address) of the non-scholarly sources that you choose so you can include it in your reference.

    Create APA References for the Two Non-Scholarly Sources

    Write Annotations for the Two Non-Scholarly Sources

    Now, you will write annotation for the two sources. The annotations must be in your own words, two paragraphs long, and address the points below. Provide brief descriptions, explanations or examples to support your answers.

    Paragraph 1:

    • What kind of source is this?
    • What is the thesis or main claim of the source?
    • What evidence or claims does the source present in support of the thesis? Present at least two examples of support the source uses.
    • What other important claims does the source make?

    Paragraph 2: Evaluate

    • How adequately does the source support its thesis?
    • How current is the information in the source relative to your research question?
    • How credible and authoritative is the source for your research question?
    • What limitations, if any, did you note in the source?
    • How does the source help answer your research question?

    Include references and annotations for sources from Week 3

    Use the Turning Your Research Question into a Thesis Statement worksheet to help create your thesis statement. Your thesis statement should summarize the conclusions you came to after researching your topic and be no more than two sentences long. Note: you will not submit this worksheet for grading but will paste the thesis you develop at the beginning of your bibliography.

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