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    Five Major Child Development Topics, writing homework help

    Application: Five Major Child Development Topics: Additional Resources

    Think back to the interviews featuring five professionals in the early childhood field that you watched in the Foundations course. Do you recall the ways in which each of these five experts discussed the importance of resources? Although each mentioned a variety of resources, all agreed on the importance of being well read in one’s chosen field.

    This assignment provides an opportunity not only to extend your repertoire of professional resources but also to focus on the topic that you explored during this week’s Discussion. The required readings contain three scholarly articles for each of the five topics. For this Application, your task will be to identify and review three additional resources, and relate the content to the context of what you have learned in this course.

    For this assignment:

    • Identify three additional Scholarly Resources for the topic you chose (at least one must address ways in which healthy development can be/is being fostered). Look for scholarly resources with the latest information on your chosen issue.
    • You are supposed to find three additional scholarly resources in addition to the course texts and required resources in this course – and in addition to the resources on the Week 8 Resource Page that were already used for Discussion 8.
    • Cite each resource in APA format.
    • Summarize the content of each resource.
    • Add a brief conclusion in which you address these questions:
      • In what ways do these resources contribute to your deeper understanding of the topic?
      • Which questions, if any, do you still have regarding this topic?
      • Considering the resources you found, as well as everything you know at this point about children and their developmental paths: What is, in your opinion, the importance of this topic in relation to child development?

    Assignment length: approximately 2 pages

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