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    Final paper outline

    Outline of Final Paper

    Review the Final Paper assignment instructions located in Week Five of this course. Next, develop an outline for your Final Paper to include the following:

    • A title page in APA format.
    • The outline of the plan contains all of the components as identified in CPG101 (Note: CPG 101 – Appendix C) to include: city, town, or state that this plan is written for and the agency/chief official who will approve and sign the plan.
    • The purpose of the plan and when it will be implemented.
    • An outline of the five annexes (must include a minimum of one from each of these Functional, Support, and hazard specific for your Emergency Operations Plan (Note CPG101 – Chapter 3 – page 34 and Appendix C).
    • A reference page in APA format with five scholarly or professional references (Official government websites) in addition to the course texts and documents.


    Final Paper

    Understanding the intricacies and challenges of emergency planning is not possible without actually undertaking the preparation of an emergency plan. During this assignment, students will develop a comprehensive plan for a town or city of their choice using the FEMA 
    Comprehensive Preparedness Guide (CPG) 101. Develop your plan using:

    • Real attributes, such as critical infrastructure within the town or city when developing the plan.
    • Various special needs populations (i.e., hospitals, schools, retirement facilities, populations requiring special handling.)
    • Natural hazards (i.e., hurricane, tornado, flooding, or wild fire) when developing the plan.

    The plan for your jurisdiction will contain a basic plan and a 
    minimum of five annexes to include:

    • Functional annexes
    • Supporting annexes
    • Hazard/threat/incident specific annexes

    You must use at least eight sources in addition to the course textbook when developing your research and analysis. Some of these are:

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