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    Diverse Workforce Reflection

    Diverse Workforce Reflection Paper (10% of the grade)

    Students will review the different professionals that offer services to older adults, such as certified nursing aides, physical therapists, nurses, physicians, psychiatrists, long term care administrators, etc. Citing information from the literature students will present the challenge and strengths when caregivers represent different cultures than the older adult. Students will also include discussion on the role of the social worker in these settings.Finally the paper will present personal reflection on the student’s reaction to this topic integrating the student’s own experiences in environments with diverse workforces. This paper will be 3 pages in length and follow the APA format.

    Diversity Workforce/Interdisciplinary Reflection Paper

    Spring 2018 (10 points)

    1. 1. Student describes their current workforce or field internship including the diversity among staff members;and between staff members and clients served through that agency. (if you do not currently work or have an internship list consider the older adult resource agency you visited and discussed in your previous paper).This may include the diverse disciplines in the setting OR a current or previous work setting.

    ____2 points

    1. 2. Student integrates reading on diversity in workplaces working with older adults and their families.May include Werkmeister-Rozas & Klein 2009; Parker, 2010-11 but additional sources may be more relevant to your setting. Discuss how issues raised in readings may or may not reflect their own internship/working environment.

    ___ 3 pts

    1. 3. Student reflects on diversity in the internship setting or on the readings.This may include:
      • a. whether the internship has impacted her/him.
      • b. learning things about yourself (know thyself) and other cultures?
      • c. Whether the diversity among the staff or the clients and you impacted your understanding of others? ___2 pts
    • 4. In three paragraphs describe a program you would like to implement to assist with diversity and cultural competence at the site you presented in this paper.This may be a training workshop, a cultural event, or any program that would increase the ability of people in this setting to honor each other. Offer specifics details about this program.______3 point

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