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    Diet analysis for nutrition c;ass

    In this section of the diet analysis assignment, you will take the information in the three diet worksheets and enter into the Super Tracker on Choose my plate.gov Enter each day at a time. Then go to My Reports and print the nutrient report for that day. The report can be downloaded as a Word, PDF or Excel document. Download each day and save it using your last name and the # day.

    For example, I entered what I ate for Monday into SuperTracker. I downloaded the nutrient report and save it to my desktop as GordonDay1.

    Once you have all three reports, then you will review the results and answer the following questions: PLEASE DOUBLE SPACE AND NUMBER EACH QUESTION.

    ⢠your weaknesses and strengths in your diet and what you need to do to improve your intake. (Areas that you met and did not meet your estimated goal).

    ⢠Does your diet include a variety of foods? Are there any meals in particular where more variety could be included? Give examples of foods you would include.

    ⢠Are you meeting your calorie need? Do you feel your caloric goal is realistic? Why or why not?

    ⢠Are you including adequate dietary fiber in your diet? If not, how can you include more fiber in your diet? List three major health benefits of fiber consumption and explain why each benefit is important to you.

    ⢠Evaluate sodium, protein and fat intake. Did you meet the requirement or were you over or under? Explain why? Do you need to make changes, what changes would you make?

    ⢠Do you feel your added sugar intake is high, moderate or low? Explain why? If you feel your intake is high or moderate, how could it be reduced? List the food that you consumed that included high fructose corn syrup. Please compare with the recommendation from the American Heart Association.

    ⢠Explain how you feel about the results of this diet analysis? What is the most important change you need to make right away to improve your diet?

    ⢠Are you physically active? What things are you willing to do to improve your activity and meet the recommendation of our every day?

    Your thoughts about the process of using the website and overall what did you learn?

    Upload the 3 nutrient reports and the discussion of these questions.

    Please double space the report. Include the number to each question.


    The nutrient report for each day is included


    All reports included


    Only two sets of reports included


    One set of report included


    No report included

    Written portion addresses all the questions

    Based on the number of questions answered.


    All questions are addressed in a comprehensive manner


    Only nine questions answered


    Only eight questions were answered.


    Only seven questions were answered

    Written report is double-spaced and free or grammatical errors and misspelled words


    Report is double-spaced and free of grammatical errors


    Minor errors found in the report


    Moderate amount of errors found


    Lots of errors found.

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