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    describe the grief process

    describe the grief process

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    You must include a word count (including in-text referencing but excluding Reference List or any appendices) at the end of your assignment. Word counts more than 10% below or above that prescribed will be penalised by 10% deduction from the total available marks.

    Nurses work in many situations and settings where clients and/or their families are experiencing grief and/or loss. This experience is influenced by variables such as age, culture and personal beliefs. It is essential that nurses have a sound knowledge and understanding of the theories and stages of grief and bereavement to facilitate this support to individuals and their families.

    In this essay, you are required to address, the three (3) sections below. An introduction and conclusion are essential (approx. 100 words for each). Headings are permitted in this essay. A one (1) page outline draft (refer to subject outline) can be sent to your tutorial leader for perusal and guidance.

    1. Discussion of age/culture group: (approx. 400 words)

    Choose one (1) of the case studies below. Research the age/culture group of the selected case study. Analyse and discuss how the selected age/culture group experiences and displays grief and loss. Include the rituals, ceremonies and behaviours associated with the group in your discussion. Support your discussion with relevant literature.

    A) Age Group- 9-11 years
    Katie, a 10 year old girl was diagnosed with inoperable neuroblastoma 2 years ago. Katie has been in hospital for the last 4 weeks. Katie succumbs to the disease and passes away in hospital with her parents by her side.

    B) Age Group- Adolescence
    Nicholas, a 15 year old adolescent male has been diagnosed with osteosarcoma of his right femur. As part of his treatment, Nicholas has commenced chemotherapy and has had an amputation of his right leg.

    C) Age Group- Middle Adulthood
    Beth, a 40 year old woman is 36 weeks pregnant with her second child. Beth is married to Dan, 46 years old and they have one child, a boy called Toby, aged 5. During a routine antenatal appointment it was confirmed by ultrasound that the baby’s heart had stopped beating. Two days later, Beth gave birth to a stillborn baby girl who they named Grace.

    D) Culture Group- Indigenous Australian Aboriginal
    Robert, a 69 year old Aboriginal man has recently been diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer. Three weeks after Robert’s diagnosis, he succumbs to the disease and passes away in hospital surrounded by his family.

    E) Culture Group- Sudanese
    Amira, a 63 year old Sudanese woman has been recently diagnosed with breast cancer. As part of her treatment Amira has commenced chemotherapy and has had a mastectomy of her right breast.

    F) Culture Group- Italian
    Rosa, a 75 year old Italian woman has chronic congestive heart failure. Rosa passes away peacefully, surrounded by her husband and children two weeks after her admission to hospital.

    2. Theoretical overview : (approx.400 words)

    Choose one (1) theorist from the list below. Research their theory on grief and loss. Analyse and discuss the stages/steps of grief and loss, according to this theorist, and the key underlying theoretical principles. Support your discussion with relevant literature.

    Elizabeth Kubler-Ross
    William Worden
    John Bowlby
    3. Research informed practice: (approx. 1000 words)
    Research and discuss at least eight (8) practical nursing strategies that the nurse would apply in the acute care setting when caring for the individual, of the chosen case study, experiencing the grief and/or loss. Your discussion of the nursing strategies should reflect an understanding of holistic care by addressing physical, cognitive, emotional and psychosocial aspects.

    Outline alternative strategies that may be implemented if challenges arise.

    Analyse and discuss how the stages/steps and underlying theoretical principles, highlighted in Section 2, inform a minimum of four (4) of the practical nursing strategies implemented by the nurse

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