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    Describe the Good Foods (make-believe name) company, writing assignment help

    Before you begin this assignment, make sure that you carefully read the instructions outlined on the Course Project Overview page of this module. Then research local and online grocery stores so that you become familiar with a few different approaches that this type of company takes in its online presence.

    Suppose you are a Cloud-Based Service contractor hired by the Good Foods (make-believe name) grocery store to help the store determine which vendor and applications will meet its needs.

    To complete this assignment, include the following information in a minimum of 1300 words

    • Describe the Good Foods (make-believe name) company. (This description is for you to create and continue to build on throughout the course.)
    • Include a full description of the company’s purpose, mission, and vision. (Again, these are details you create.)
    • Summarize the Good Foods (make-believe name) cloud-based computing project as you understand it so far from the Course Project Overview.
    • Review all of the following leading service providers from the list below and describe their vision, services, and privacy policies:
      • Salesforce
      • Google
      • Hewlett-Packard
      • IBM
      • Rackspace
      • Microsoft
      • Amazon
    • Indicate which vendor(s) may be a fit for the Good Foods (make-believe name) company, based on its current needs, and explain why you chose that vendor.

    Use APA formatting style (title page, references page, in-text citations). When this paper is complete you should have properly identified key characteristics of the company and cloud computing project at this point, as well as a review of the seven listed leading service providers and your current recommendations.

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