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    create an outline only (AP english)

    Writing Prompt: A testament to the United States’ unprecedented prosperity in the Roaring Twenties, jazz’s growing popularity sparked a grave controversy, with many viewing the appeal of jazz as either an annoyance or a threat. Write a well-reasoned essay in which you defend, challenge, or qualify this statement, using evidence taken from your reading of the “Jazz” essay and the two PBS sites on “History in the Key of Jazz.”Hint: When you see the terms in red in the prompt, you know that you will be writing an argument essay, one where you will attempt to convince your reader to consider if not accept your point of view on the topic in question.

    (Information you should use for the outline)




    (directions) Creating a Rogerian argument outline following the format on this page. In this outline, you will:

    • state the problem to be resolved (be sure to remain objective, neutral, and accurate)
    • state the issue as a question
    • supply key points supporting one position
    • supply key points supporting the opposing position
    • include the common ground for the two positions and achieve a dialogue between the sides in an effort to effect change
    • write a fair and concise summary of the strongest points of both sides – then formulate a resolution where you present the best of both sides and then offer conformity.

    ATTACHED: Outline format

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