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    Create an annotated bibliography

    Annotated Bibliography Assignment Sheet 200 points: Note- This is your final and is due on the day of the final. Consult Turnitin.com or your syllabus for that date. We will not meet in class for the final, but according to the university’s rules, this must be submitted to turnitin.com on that date-you can’t be late-no exceptions other than emergency hospitalization.

    Final Exam: Some suggested topics for annotated bibliography: You may choose a your own topic if you have it approved by me first.

    Global warming/climate change

    Genetic modification of crops

    Genetic modification of humans

    Rising sea levels

    Polar caps melting

    Deforestation and its effects

    The Current Cold War between us and Russia (not the one from the 50’s to the 80’s)

    The State of Georgia allows adoption agencies to discriminate against LBGTQ legally

    Assignment: Create an annotated bibliography (a work cited page with an introduction and summary of each article) for 8-12 LEGITIMATE sources on one of the above articles.

    1. This should be in the third person

    2. This should be in MLA format

    3. You should have an introduction that clearly states your research questions (goals) and the scope of your research- That means an introduction of 3-5 sentences that has a research question – (set of questions that you are trying to answer with your research) and the scope is (what you are trying to cover with your research. For example: Using Climate change, a narrow scope (8 sources) would be the effects of fossil fuel emissions on climate. A broad scope (20 or more sources) would be the effects of deforestation, fossil fuel emissions, corporate and farming run-off, methane gas release from cows, and other topics that effect climate.) For this project you should use a narrow focus.

    4. The citations should be in MLA format-consult Perdue Owl by googling MLA format- or simply use Galileo’s automatic citation button on each source. If you go outside of Galileo, then your source must be credible or you lose points. I will check each one.

    5. Summary: After each citation, you should have a one paragraph summary that contains the following:

    A. a one sentence summary of the whole article and its purpose

    B. sentences that summarize the main points

    C. information about the author(s) and source that discus their credibility, possible bias, and who funded their research if that information is available

    D. discussion of how this source adds to your overall research goal AND how it relates to the other research in the annotated bibliography.

    Example Summary: Source article: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/salt-water-fish-extinction-seen-by-2048/

    (Note this is an online article from CBS and is condensed, but it is legitimate and I am only suing it as an example. Your research would come from scholarly articles rather than a condensed article like this one)

    This is what your introduction should look like:


    Prof’s name




    Introduction -This research seeks to answer the following questions: What effect do carbon emissions have on the ocean and how will effect humans within the next 3 decades? Is it possible to solve this issue and through what means? The purpose of this research is to establish whether or not carbon emissions affect climate change as it relates to the ocean, and if so, to determine how the effects that will or will not occur pertain to humans. This research may also contain possible responses to reduce damage if research merits a response.

    Then you would put your first work cited entry here:

    Daly, Ryan, et al. “Rapid Marine Biodiversity Assessment Records 16 New Marine Fish Species for Seychelles, West Indian Ocean.” Marine Biodiversity Records, vol. 11, no. 1, 12 Apr. 2018. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1186/s41200-018-0141-6.

    (Then the summary, which I have written here for you below would go after the work cited entry to which it belongs.)

    “Saltwater Fish Extinction Seen by 2018” seeks to educate the public on the imminent threat of climate change to our food supply and ocean health. Researches assert that 29% of our edible ocean life is 90% gone due to several human made factors including pollution, loss of habitat due to acidification, overfishing, and the warming of the ocean caused by greenhouse gas emissions. The dangers of the loss of the fish, other than lacking a food source, will effect coastal erosion, the likelihood of deadly algae and bacteria blooms, and an increase in ocean water toxicity since fish filter toxins from the water. The data was collected from 32 experiments from different marine environments, analysis of 64 large marine ecosystems, a 1000 year history of 12 coastal regions, and 48 protected areas. The data indicates that there is a rapid increase of harm to our oceans’ health and species. The group of scientists who conducted this research all have advanced degrees from reputable universities and they are an international team, indicating that political influence on this study’s integrity is not likely. All researchers have experience in post graduate work in several international locations. This research covers one particular aspect of this research project: the effect of manmade climate change on oceanic life and how that may impact humans in several ways including and other than diet. Previous research dealt with acidification and rainfall. This research supports several of my other research points such as deadly biological consequences of human made climate change, the health of seawater, and acidification.

    (Now your next work cited entry #2 goes here followed by its summary.)

    Last name, first name. “Title.” publication. Volume or Edition, year, place of publication, soon and so forth….

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