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    Create a genogram that reflects the narrative shared in chapter 8.  Be creative in giving a visual representation of the family dynamic.

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    Create a genogram that reflects the narrative shared in chapter 8.  Be creative in giving a visual representation of the family dynamic.

    attached is a copy of the narrative shared in chapter 8. You should have experience in completing a genogram before. If you’ve  never done a genogram or don’t know what a genogram is, then this assignment is not for you.

    Genogram assignment

    Narratives: Spouses Describe the Relationships With

    Ex-Spouses as Part of Stepfamily Life

    I just had no idea that his former wife would be so involved in our

    lives. My husband is afraid of what she might tell the children so he

    allows her to dictate our schedule. I feel like his former wife is the other

    woman in our marriage.

    Jenny described the big shift in the divorced family dynamic which

    occurred this last Christmas. Jenny is now living with a man and this

    was to be their fi rst Christmas together. However it’s also the fi rst

    Christmas where her ex-husband was not invited to come on Christmas

    morning to open gifts with his and Jenny’s children. Even when they

    were separated, he was included for the children’s sake. Jenny felt it

    was too awkward this fi rst Christmas with her new partner and suggested

    her children open gifts at her house, then go to their father’s

    house to open gifts a second time. The surprise came when the kids

    returned and said they had invited their father over later for Christmas

    dinner. Jenny asked her new man how he felt about it. He hesitated,

    laughed and then generously said it was okay if it would make the kids

    happy. So in the end a compromise was made which took into account

    everyone’s feelings, though Jenny said she felt awkward at the meal

    and was glad when it was all over.

    While Steve was waiting for his kids at their mom’s house for his

    weekend with them, his ex-wife came out and indicated that she

    was getting remarried. “You will really like Tim,” she said, “and the

    kids seem to like him too. I think he will make a great stepfather for

    them.” Steve was not too sure he liked any part of the idea. It was

    weird enough to be thinking of his ex-wife married to another guy.

    But what troubled him even more was the idea that there would be

    a new father figure in the life of his kids. He didn’t like the thought

    of having another man in competition with him for the affection of

    his children.

    I will soon be a non-custodial Mother, by choice. We are choosing to

    have as little disruption as possible to the kids, and by doing things

    this way, they will be able to remain in the only home and school

    they have ever known. We have a beautiful home, and thanks to the

    economy, this home is now worth $32,000 less than what we paid for

    it 10 years ago. There are houses on our street that have been on the

    market for almost 2 years. We would lose our shirts even if we did

    manage to sell, which is highly unlikely. My husband makes a very

    nice living. I did not go to college and have been a stay at home Mom

    for 9 years, so my earning potential is weak compared to his. There

    is no way I could stay here. With what he would need to pay me in

    support and to keep this house afl oat, he would have nothing left to

    get himself even a halfway decent place. I will be buying a townhome

    in the area with money from the divorce settlement. The kids will be

    with me almost as much as they are with him. This was an extremely

    hard decision, but I feel that it is best for the kids. They have a great

    relationship with both of us. But, I am just waiting for the criticism

    and the dirty looks once I tell people.

    To my son: I hope you understand when you’re older. Why your dad

    has maybe grown colder. You’re so young, too young to understand. I

    ask you if you have any questions about us. You always say something

    cute, so maybe it’s too early. That’s ok. I want you to be a little boy, for

    as long as I can have you that way. I want you to know I never wanted

    this. Also, that you were the best thing that could have ever happened

    to me. You gave me a reason to get up every day, and live. You still are

    that reason. Sometimes you may think that I am a little strict with you.

    Sometimes my patience is a little thin. I wasn’t always like this Jake.

    I’ve just been through some rough times lately. Not having you and

    your mother in my life daily was tougher on me than anyone knows. I

    always tried not to show that to you. I didn’t want to scare you. I want

    you to know that you were not the reason your mother and I stopped

    living together. In fact, you may be the only reason we were together

    as long as we were. But I love you both, with all my heart. There is

    nothing in this world that I care about more than the two of you. But

    you Jacob – You’re my Robin. After all life’s done to me and all I’ve been

    through, you are the youthful innocence and wide-eyed wonder that

    I lost a long time ago. That’s why Batman always had a Robin. Just to

    remind him. Your absent Dad.

    Apparently the child needs $40 shoes. Naturally, these shoes will become

    obsolete in a matter of months as the child outgrows them. I have

    never understood why any parent would choose expensive apparel for

    a child. It is foolish to pay so much money for such little utility. Yet, the

    ex is of the belief that her child needs lavish things, and now we owe

    her $20. My miserly ways are livid with this obligation; however, my

    husband committed to pay half prior to the purchase. Next time the

    child needs new shoes, we shall buy them.

    I stood up for myself only once to the ex. It’s not that I’m against standing

    up for myself, but I do pick my battles. Plus, I choose not to be around

    her when I can. She’s just cantankerous, and I fi nd that annoying.

    My husband and I attended the middle school parent/teacher conference.

    It was fall, and we opted to go together and split up the eight

    classes so that we could see all of the instructors. I recall my parents

    doing this same thing, and it worked well for them. We arrived fi rst

    to the school. Unsure of what the ex’s plans were, we made our plans.

    There was nothing preventing her from seeing the instructors on her

    own. Divorced parents do that all the time and teachers are accustomed

    to dealing with this. I believe we were there for only a few minutes,

    and the ex came storming in.

    I didn’t expect her to immediately call my stepchild after parent/

    teacher conference and tell them how I was mean to her. How we got

    into a fi ght, and I was mean. Naturally, the stepchild took her side and

    wanted to discuss it in great detail with his father. One day my stepchild

    and I will discuss this, but I am purposefully waiting until adulthood.

    I should also remind you that my stepchild takes their mother’s side

    in everything. It’s their dad’s fault for everything wrong in the marriage

    and pending divorce with their mother. It’s the public school’s fault their

    mother was bored in high school and almost didn’t graduate. It’s the fault

    of their mother’s past bosses that she has been laid off multiple times.

    It must suck to be her with everyone burdening her life so. *sarcasm*

    These comments portray the complexity and diffi culty found in relationships

    wherein ex-spouses and stepchildren are involved. These comments

    and others like it demonstrate the animosity that can mount in these relationships.

    As the confl ict continues to brew, the children become further

    entrenched and, ultimately, they are the ones most negatively affected.

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