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    Character Study of King Richard II


    The paper should be a character study of King Richard II.


    Your research paper should be 5 pages, double spaced. This does NOT include the APA formatted title page and the APA reference page.

    Research Sources:

    The research paper should discuss and cite a minimum of 5 credible, scholarly sources (SEE BELOW).

    Manuscript format and length:

    The paper will need to follow APA format guidelines, a title page and a reference page (no abstract is required). Be sure to follow APA manuscript guidelines regarding font style and size, doubling spacing, margins, etc.

    Also as part of the assignment:

    Formal Outline: (2 page single spaced)

    In addition to the 5 pages, a 2 page minimum (not including the reference page), single spaced, formal outline of your paper. Your outline should include at least three levels of subordination (main ideas, sub-topics, details) as well as include direct quotes (in quotation marks) followed by in-text citations from each source integrated into the outline.

    Please remember to include an APA formatted title page as the first page of the paper and an APA reference page as the last part of the paper. The body of the paper will be a minimum of 4 full pages and a maximum of 6 pages. No abstract needed.

    Scholarly Source Recommendations:

    Forker, C. R. (2001). UNSTABLE IDENTITY IN SHAKESPEARE’S RICHARD II. Renascence, 54(1), 3.

    HIGGINBOTHAM, D. (2014). The Construction of a King: Waste, Effeminacy and Queerness in Shakespeare’s Richard II. Shakespeare In Southern Africa, 2659-73. doi:10.4314/sisa.v26i1.4

    Saul, N. (1997). Richard II. New Haven: Yale University Press.

    Shakespeare, W. (2014). The Tragedy of King Richard the Second. In D. Bevington’s (Ed.). The Necessary Shakespeare (4th ed.). Boston, Massachusetts: Pearson Education.

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