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    Case study and report, writing homework help


    The aim of the coursework is to study and analyze an industrial problem and come up with a solution.


    The objective of this work is to undertake a problem related to an industry, study, analyze the data and come up with a solution

     The aim of the industrial visit based case study is to familiarize learners with practical work experience and give exposure to practical world. Learners should have to be very proactive during the industrial visits to get more experience from the various experts on the area of industry visit.

     The style and presentation of the report content should contain no longer than 1500 words, font size -12, font face – Arial and paragraph spacing – single line spacing.

    #The report should include the answers for the following questions given below after the industrial site visited:

    1. An overview of the company (Industry visited / for example Toyota car service company in Oman/ https://www.toyotaoman.com/en/service ) which includes, company background, major businesses, annual production and major customers involved.

    2. Explain any four Hardware equipment’s/devices/Manufacturing units/software technologies used in the organization by providing the detailed description of each one of them.

    3. ‘Problem Identification and technical solution analysis is important to overcome the problems faced in the organization unit’.

    Discuss any two technical problems and propose relevant technical solution in work place environment to overcome the problem in the Hardware equipment’s/devices/Manufacturing units and/or software technologies involved in the organization unit.

    4. Select any two products of the company and discuss how the quality of these products are verified.

    5. Discuss in detail the major maintenance procedure followed by the company and discuss in detail about how maintenance of any two equipments/devices/softwares used in the organization is carried out.

    # I attach my cw folder

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