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    Boston University New York City and Shanghai Urban Comparison Research

    The topic of the research paper focuses on one particular urban problem taken placed in Shanghai and compares the situation to that in New York City with the overall goal to show that both cities can learn from each other in ways to alleviate or overcome such problems.

    The proposal should include the following:

    1. A half-page, double-spaced introduction that clearly spells out your topic and the specific research questions you like to study. If you can, provide a tentative argument that you will pursue in this paper.
    2. Provide an alphabetized list of the literature/ data sources you could find to date using complete citations. For the five most important/relevant sources, provide a one paragraph description as to what the source is about and how it relates to your paper (this is called an annotated bibliography).
    3. Provide a one page outline of your paper that should be numbered so that the structure becomes apparent. Two levels of differentiation required, three desired! (see example below).
    4. Please conclude by describing, in one paragraph (or more) the current state of research, the next steps, and problems that you envision in the process.
    5. References should be in Chicago style format.

    Here a sample outline for a comparative analysis of veteran homelessness in NYC and London, UK:

    1. Introduction

    2. Problem Statement: Homelessness among Veterans in New York and London

    2.1. Nature and Extent of Veteran Homelessness in New York

    2.2. Nature and Extent of Veteran Homelessness in London

    3. Similarities and Differences

    3.1 Similarities

    3.1.1 Mental health problems

    3.1.2. Employment Barriers

    3.1.3. Stigmatization


    3.2. Differences

    3.2.1 Nature and Extent of Welfare Intervention

    3.2.2 Health Care Provision


    4. Solutions: Overcoming Veteran Homelessness

    4.1. Housing Strategies

    4.2 Health and Mental Health Service Provision

    4.3 Job-training and Employment Strategies

    4.4. Legislative initiatives and civil rights

    5. Conclusions

    5.1. Mutual Lessons

    5.2. Likelihood of Reforms

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