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    Bed alarm

    Bed alarm

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    For adults on the medical-surgical unit in a hospital, will the use of bed alarms reduce the number of falls per year, compared to usual care, as defined by fall risk

    protocol by nursing staff?
    P: Falls; Adult patients aged 18 years of age and older; Medical-surgical unit
    I: Use of bed alarms
    C: Usual care, as defined by fall risk protocol by nursing
    O: To reduce the number of falls
    CPG: https://www.guideline.gov/content.aspx?id=36906&search=falls+medical+surgical+and+fall+prevention

    do a literature review/crituqe on 2 articles. 1/2 page per article is suggested. Please post your 2 articles again this week – it was suggested to avoid any meta

    analysis or meta synthesis – look back at the 2 articles previously posted and your article was one of these, please look for another article – hint: this can be the

    articles previously critiqued and submitted but must pertain to our project – when you post your 2 articles, please list your reference for your article as it should

    be listed on the reference page – In with your literature review/critique you need to make sure you list the following:
    Review of evidence for or against our recommended practice i.e. bed alarms or usual care, summative statement on evidence, practice implication from your finding and

    recommendations for practice.
    Lastly, we all need to do a 1 page part for the paper regarding recommended practice interventions. I reviewed our clinical practice guideline and here are the

    assignments I have made for this part:
    Ngozi – performing risk assessments to identify risk factors –
    – Communicating risk factors i.e. patient education, visual cues
    – establish a process for evaluation of the hospitalized patient for risk of falling
    – performing environmental risk factor interventions
    – falls prevention program for organization
    – observation/surveillance – sitters, time rounding
    The above information came from the interventions listed under our clinical practice guideline. Click on the link above to open the page and scroll down and you will

    see these interventions listed. If you continue looking through the guideline you will see additional information for each intervention
    Please write only on ? performing risk assessments to identify risk factors, the one that bears my name.( 1 page)
    Literature review/critique on 2 articles ? page per article.

    Effectiveness of Intervention Programs In Preventing Falls: A Systematic Review of Recent 10 Years and Meta-Analysis.

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