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    becoming a Change Agent–Active Listening discussions, writing homework help

    1.Becoming a Change Agent–Active Listening


    Active listening is one of the most powerful skills that can be used to connect with another human being. It is a technique that allows us to really be present for another person that extends far beyond “normal,” everyday conversations.

    At some point this week engage in a brief conversation with a friend, family member, co-worker or other person in your life.

    For the purpose of this discussion topic, please complete the following:

    1. During your conversation, take note of your active listening skills, such as eye contact, body language, silence, and verbal minimal encouragers.

    2. Concentrate on following the speaker’s train of thought and see how many of the active listening skills mentioned in the textbook you used during the conversation.

    3. Respond to the following questions:

    a.  Did the results surprise you?

    b.  Were there some active listening skills that you demonstrated more than others?

    c.  Which skills do you need to practice?

    d.  What was hard and/or rewarding about this experience?

    4. Be sure and use in-text citations and references when you mention information from the textbook.

     2.You Look Great for Your Age!: The Dimensions of Ageism

     Your readings for this discussion explore ageism and the implications of this injustice. In particular, this discussion focuses on the many ways that ageism is perpetuated in the U.S.

    For the purposes of this discussion please respond to the following:

    1.  Give 3 examples of the ways that ageism is perpetuated in our society.

    2.  What are some of the underlying factors which might account for discrimination against older persons?

    3.  What is the impact/personal cost of ageism?

    4.  Why should we care?

    5.  Do any of the examples you offered in #1 represent an intersection with other forms of oppression? Please explain

    3. Freedom of Religion and the Work Place


    2. Respond to the following questions.

    a.What role, if any, do you believe religion plays in the workplace?

    b.How far should a workplace be required to go to accommodate religious practice? (i.e. religious holidays, daily prayer time, religious expression at work (religious symbols in offices, saying “God bless you” on voice mail recordings)

    c.Is it possible to affirm our different religious (and nonreligious) beliefs in the workplace and still be good employees and co-workers? Please explain.

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