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    all readings on Lionel Ingram.com and write in single space

    Topic: The Use of Force and Diplomacy (Crisis Management)

    My website: Ingram, vu-graph, “Crisis Management” My website: “Nuclear Order of Battle, 1962”

    My website: Sherwin, “The Cuban Missile Crisis at 50: In Search of Historical Perspective,” Fall 2012 My website: The Malin Notes: “Glimpses Inside the Kremlin during the Cuban Missile Crisis,” Fall 2012

    My website: Gavin, National Interest, “Lessons from the Cuban Missile Crisis,” 26 Oct 2012

    9. (2.5) In a short essay, describe the significant aspects of the 1962 nuclear order of battle. Do not overemphasize the forces directly related to Cuba.

    10. (2.5) In a short essay, describe the role of deterrence in both causing and settling the Cuban Missile Crisis.

    12. (4) In a 3/4-page essay, discuss: a. the mutual use of crisis management in the Cuban Missile Crisis and b. why the outcome was the result of diplomacy and neither compellence nor deterrence

    My website: vu-graphs, Hoffman’s views on military interventions

    My website: Ingram, vu-graph, “When Thinking About the Use of Force”

    My website: Jordan, Chapter 16, “Irregular Challenges, Military Intervention, and Counterinsurgency,” pp. 330-334

    My website: Thurer, “An Internal Challenge,” Harvard International Review, Winter 2008

    13. In a near failed state where there has been increasing violence against the population by the government, an insurgency has developed. The insurgent leadership has asked the U.S. to intervene militarily. (6.5) In a 3/4-page essay, discuss what you would consider in making a decision to intervene militarily or not.

    My website: The Economist: “War in the fifth dimension”

    My website: White House, Fact Sheet, “Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center,” 25 February 2015

    My website: Military and Strategic Affairs, Menashri and Baram, “Critical Infrastructures and their Interdependence in a Cyber Attack – The Case of the U.S.,” March 2015

    My website: Schneider, Blog, “Computer Network Exploitation vs. Computer Network, Attack,” 10 March 2014

    22. g(4) In a one-page essay, describe the cyber threats to the U.S. and cyber security, including Schneider’s view.

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