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    approximate the value of a set S in unknown universe U, writing assignment help

    I need a reading report for the paper I attach below, it should contain, at least, the following information:

    a. The objectives of your reading on this article.

    b. Some background information about the article and the author.

    c. summary as team

    d. The major points, concept, opinion, or arguments of the article.

    e. What do you learn from the article, or what are your opinions or arguments on the topic of the article?

    f. References/bibliography and citations of the references/bibliography in the text (follow the format as specified by the end of the “8910 Guidelines to project proposal” document).

    g. Anything else – your gains from the article, critiques to the article, etc.

    I attach my paper below. and I also attach one report of SM reading report for your reference and just use it as reference for the format. use some references and mention them in the report in the format which I mention below.

    Use following as reference format:

    {References will be listed alphabetically, in the same way as the following examples.

    For a paper in a journal:

    Author names, “Paper Title,” Journal Title (in Italic, spell all out, do not use aberrations), volume #, issue #, year, page numbers (pp. ###-###).

    e.g., D.E. Knuth, “Theory and Practice,” Theoretical Computer Science 90, Volume 1, Issue 1, 1991, pp. 1-15.

    For a book:

    Author names, Book Title (in Italic, do not use aberrations), Publisher, ISBN #, year.

    e.g., E. Borger, Computability, Complexity, Logic (North-Holland, Amsterdam), ISBN 0 4448 7406 2, 1989.

    For a paper in conference proceedings:

    Author names, “Paper Title,” Proceedings of <Conference Title> (in Italic, do not use aberrations), location, year, page numbers (pp. ###-###).

    e.g., M. Li, “Lower bounds by Kolmogorov complexity,” Proceedings of the International Colloquium on Automata, Languages and Programming, Nafplion, Greece, 1985, (Also as Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 194, Springer, Berlin, 1985), pp. 383 – 393.

    For a paper in a contributed volume (book chapter):

    Author names, “Paper Title,” Book Title> (in Italic, do not use aberrations), Editor names, Publisher, ISBN#, year, page numbers (pp. ###-###).

    e.g., A.K. Lenstra and H.W. Lenstra, Jr., “Algorithms in number theory,” Handbook of Computer Science (J. van Leeuwen, ed.), Volume A, Elsevier, Amsterdam / MIT Press, ISBN: 0 2627 2014 0, 1990, pp. 673 – 715.

    For an unpublished paper:

    e.g., A. Rajasekar, “Semantics for logic programs,” Ph.D. Thesis, Department of Computer Science, University of Maryland, 1989.

    For paper from Web/Internet resource:

    Author names, “Paper Title,” http://www.***.html. (available date).

    e.g., Leonid A. Levin, “Fundamentals of Computing,” http://www.cs.bu.edu/~lnd/toc/ (as of February 28, 2007).

    In text, references should be indicated by [Author name, year]. }

    N/B: I want to complete it by tuesday. can you please do that

    I want it in the same format as the reference paper SM reading report I attached.

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