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    Application: Problem-Solving with Communication, assignment help

    Application: Problem-Solving with Communication

    As you know, communication is a complex process that serves many different purposes. In fact, the most competent communicators place high value on the process, i.e., what is said and how it is said, in order to optimize the outcomes for everyone rather than to fulfill the goals of any one person. That is the true definition of “communication competence.”

    Part 1

    For this Application Assignment, you will consider what it means to have communication competence as you apply what you have learned in this course to problem solving in your own life. Begin by thinking of a Application: Problem-Solving with Communication as a“(Preschool Teacher)” that involved lack of communication, inaccurate communication, poor communications skills, and/or issues that can arise when communication is not what it needs to be. Make references to the variety of things (such as effects of cultural myopia, effective collaboration skills, the 3 Rs, the third side, teaming stages, etc. etc.) and show apply for working through some of the obvious issues.

    Begin by summarizing the problem or challenge. What did not go as well as it should have? Who were the people involved? What was the context or situation?

    Look back on this situation and consider everything you have learned in this course regarding effective communication, listening, and collaborative skills. How could you have approached this problem differently? Armed with what you know now, what would you do differently? In other words, how could you use what you have learned to solve the problem/meet the challenge through effective communication strategies and skills?

    Part 2: Add a Communication Goal
    Use what you have learned throughout the course to add at least one communication goal.

    Assignment length: 23 pages


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