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    Application Assignment: Entering the Research Process, homework help

    Part 2: Beginning Your Research Simulation—From General Topic to Subtopics

    The general topic of children that I would like to learn more is how children learn the first language. It has always fascinated me how different children brought up in a different environment can acquire the first language without any constraints. The initial language acquisition by children and the factors that affect are elusive for researchers

    1. Ways to foster healthy social emotional development in toddlers

    2. How the arts help children develop social-emotionally in healthy ways

    3. The influence of sibling relationships on preschool children’s social-emotional development.

    Listen closely to yourself, to the questions you want to ask about young children or families or early childhood in general, and choose sub topics that reflect and are supported by your professional and/or personal passion.

    For this Assignment, prepare a document that contains the following elements:

    Restate your general early childhood research topic

    Articulate three related subtopics


    oYour professional and personal reason(s) for choosing these three subtopics

    oThree ways you anticipate that researching these topics might be significant for young children, their families, and/or the field of early childhood

    Assignment length: Approximately 1 page

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