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    adapted instruction project, writing homework help

    UDL/Adapted Instruction Project


    • Design at least one original lesson plan using Universal Design for Learning(UDL) Principles.
    • Adapt your UDL lesson plan for three students with disabilities using information from Evaluation Reports or IEPs.
      • Apply ideas from EEC 423 to your UDL lesson plan and adaptations.

    What to do:

    • Design one original lesson plan using UDL Principles
    • Adapt your UDL lesson plan for three specific students with disabilities; assume they are all in the same class. You may need to be flexible with the IEPs we have; if the ages do not exactly line up with the age level of your lesson plan, you should imagine that they do.
      • See D2L for IEPs of actual SWD
        • Some of these are 20 pages or more so you will need to read through them to find the important parts for teachers who need to adapt instruction. Look in particular for Present Levels of Performance and accommodations recommended.
      • For each of your SWD write about what you would do differently for your teaching methods, materials, and expected product.
        • Provide a brief summary of each student, indicating their disability and a summary of academic needs/accommodations as listed in the IEP.
        • Indicate how you will meet the needs of each student for the lesson you designed. If you decide not to adapt or differentiate your methods, materials, or expected product for any of your SWD because these needs have been met in your UDL lesson plan, please provide a rationale for that decision.
        • If you need to make additional accommodations for your student, indicate what you will do.
        • Note whether you believe your students will likely be able to work independently or whether they will need special supervision by you.
        • If appropriate, describe or actually create alternative materials for your SWD.

    Note 1: The length and product for this assignment will vary by student.

    Note 2: If you are in the PK4 program, I prefer that you design your instruction for grades 3 or 4; this assignment works much better with these grades than the younger grades.

    Total Points: 50

    UDL Lesson Plan=20

    Lesson plan template is complete: 5

    Evidence of differentiation in representation: 5

    Evidence of differentiation in engagement: 5

    Evidence of differentiation in action and expression: 5

    Adaptations for 3 SWD (teaching methods, materials, and expected product)=30

    Each student:

    Summary of student’s disability, modifications needed: 4

    Accommodations to teaching methods: 2

    Accommodations to materials: 2

    Accommodations to expected product/assessment: 2

    and i will provide an example of what the professor sent to me

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