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    Abiodun Williams Bellamy and Hunt Summaries Paper

    4 pages about 1200 words

    USE YOUR OWN WORDS No outsides sources

    Please use simple languages to write this

    Do not use Complex words and sentences

    Do not go too deep

    Summarize and compare the following two texts: –

    Bellamy & Hunt, 21st century UN peace operations

    Williams, Responsibility to Protect (R2P).

    In your final analysis, also reference main argument made by Autesserre, UN Can’t End Wars. But you do not need to summarize and discussed it on its own. You are only asked to find a way to reference Autesserre while you do your comparative analysis of the other two readings.

    – Read all three texts carefully. For the two main texts identify the core argument / conclusion for each text and some supporting ideas/facts/examples used to back it up.

    Structure your paper in four parts:

    1) Bellamy & Hunt summary (300-400)

    2) Williams summary (300-400)

    3) Comparative analysis (200-300): identify common and unique elements

    4) Conclusion (200-300): What do you take away from reading these two texts? What issues emerge as critical in your view? What questions do you have? What solutions do you suggest?

    The two summaries will likely take up a bit more than half of the length, sections 3 & 4 are probably a bit shorter.

    As with the first assignment, follow these guidelines: – Put full bibliographical reference as title for each summary. –

    Put your name at top of page.

    – Note word count on top of page.

    – Save paper: format single space, 1 inch margin, print on both sides of the paper.


    You will be graded – on your ability to succinctly identify key issues addressed by the two authors,

    – on your ability to bring out common themes and differences in your final analysis,

    – on organization, clarity of writing, and grammar.

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