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    A Raisin In the Sun, writing homework help

    Please must according to the requirements to write, which will related to the final score, this paper will turn in the turnitin.com, don’t have the plagiarism.

    The Review is a formal response to the production. The “audience” for this review is the general public. You need to write it as if the reader has not seen the production and has no familiarity with it whatsoever. It should have a more formal format than the previous review you wrote and your tone needs to be the voice someone knowledgeable in theatre.

    Any papers being turned in that do not contain the MINIMUM page requirements will be handed back with a score of zero. You will not be given a chance to make these up.

    Besides the minimum CI page requirements, all written assignments must also follow these guidelines:

    • A cover page with Name, Date, Class Name and Class Section
    • A minimum of 5 FULL pages not counting title page
    • Typed, double spaced with a 12 pt. Times New Roman font
    • One inch margins all around
    • Written in 3rd person
    • Carefully proofread with correct grammar/sentence structure
    • A separate typed bibliography, if needed.
    • File Upload Format: First Initial, Last Name, Name of Assignment

    Here are things you should include in the formal review. The format of your review needs to be well crafted and thoughtful.

    1. Provide an introduction paragraph; set up the tone and prelude content for your paper!
    2. Tell me about the theatre. Proscenium, Thrust, Arena? Nice? Dumpy?
    3. (PLOT) Give a very brief description of the plot. ONE paragraph please!
    4. (CHARACTERS) Discuss the main characters and the actors and how well you thought they did in the show. Do not forget to use their real names when referencing the characters. Remember characters don’t do the show, actors do.
    5. (THEME) Briefly touch on major theme(s) of the play (remember, message or duality!)
    6. (LANGUAGE) Did they use dialects? Long/short sentences? Narrators/exposition?
    7. (MUSIC) Was there music used in the show: before, after, during? To what effect? Any sound effects? Any sound reinforcement (i.e. mikes)?
    8. (SPECTACLE) Discuss lighting, costumes, sound, & set—how can you fold these together if they don’t merit a paragraph all to themselves? How well did these elements support the script and the actors on stage?
    9. Discuss directing. How was the blocking, tempo, rhythm, and unity of elements? Was it true to the playwright’s intentions? If not, why not, and was that choice effective?
    10. A conclusion that ties the preceding paragraphs together and summarizes your feelings o the production which has been previously SUPPORTED through varied and exciting examples throughout all elements.

    A Few Tips…

    *Avoid “potpourri” paragraphs: remember, (Transition) thesis, content, conclusion

    *Remain consistent: Either past or present tense, NOT both!

    *Be careful about using character names where appropriate and actor’s names where appropriate

    *Avoid “Very Good/Great Job” in any form (they are overused and vague; grab a thesaurus!)

    *The word “act” is only capitalized if it specific: “each act provided this..” & “Act I is shorter..

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