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    5 multiple choice questions Manzanar


    1. Which use of sensory details gives us an idea of a character’s physical appearance?

    • “Woody would be our leader for a while now, short, stocky, grinning behind his mustache.”

    • “He put his hands on his hips and gave Kiyo a sternly comic look, squinting at him through one eye the way Papa would when he was asserting his authority.”

    • “Outside, the greeters smiled.”

    • “Kiyo and my sister May and I enrolled in the local school, and what sticks in my memory from those few weeks is the teacher—not her looks, her remoteness.”

    2. Which passage contains a sensory detail that pertains to sight?

    • ”He watched her for a moment and said he was sure he couldn’t pay more than seventeen­fifty for that china.”

    • “They flopped, they dangled, they hung.”

    • “I couldn’t help laughing at Mama walking around in army earmuffs and a pair of wide­cuffed, khaki­colored wool trousers several sizes too big for her.”

    • “The first thing I saw was a yellow swirl across a blurred, reddish, setting sun.”

    3. Which excerpt from this narrative is a personal detail that relies on the authors first hand account of this historical event?

    • “The Caucasian servers were thinking that the fruit poured over rice would make a good dessert.”

    • “She just glared at this man, all the rage and frustration channeled at him through her eyes.”

    • “The hundred ­year­ old tradition of anti­Orientalism on the west coast soon resurfaced, more vicious than ever.”

    • Even though most of us were American­born, it was dangerous having that many Orientals so close to the Long Beach Naval Station, on the opposite end of the island.”

    4. Which passage contains a sensory detail that pertains to hearing?

    • “Beyond the wall Woody’s baby girl started to cry.”

    • “Outside the sky was clear, but icy gusts of wind were buffeting our barracks every few minutes, sending fresh dust puffs up through the floorboards.”

    • “It was the threat that frightened us…and the noises they would make, like a miniature samurai, in a language we couldn’t understand.”

    • “He was rapping on the planks as if testing to see if they were hollow.”

    5. This excerpt from the story is a threat the writer’s father uses to keep his children in line.

    • “I’m going to sell you to the Chinaman.”

    • “Shikata ga nai (It must be done).”

    • “If we’re gonna live in this place, we better get to work.”

    • “Any more sand comes in here through one of them knotholes, you have to eat it off the floor with ketchup.”

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